Company appearance

grindmax machinery(tianjin)co.,ltd, formerly Langfang Chiri Machinery, is a limited liability company approved and registered by relevant state departments. Our company is engaged in the production of wet and dry grinding and grinding equipment, from single machine to system, from grinding, grinding, transmission, mixing, to screening of all-round one-stop service, products are: substitute meal powder (grain powder) production line, water milled glutinous rice production line, eddy current mill, ultra-micro grinder, oiliness.... [DETAIL]


  • Address: No. 7 Guwang Road, Jingbin Industrial Park, Wuqing District, Tianjin
  • Contact: Manager Li
  • Mobile phone: 13833690395
  • Tel: 022-29467078
  • Mailbox: jdyhtj@163.com
  • Website:en.jdyhjx.com